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WD Web Company was founded in 1996. Located in Traverse City, Michigan, WD Web specializes in website design and development. The company has designed and consulted on thousands of websites. Currently WD Web hosts over 2800 sites. All of WD Web’s design and programming is done "in-house" by highly qualified programmers and developers.

WD Web had also maintained dozens of on-site servers to handle the hosting needs of several other types of clients.

WD Web Company is now incorporated under the name “Website Software Inc.” and is the parent company of all of the following:

MorePhotos / Lab Images

MorePhotos is our solution for Photographers.

This system was designed to be the most complete photography sales solution on the market today. It includes the use of more than 300 different looks for your website needs. It includes the most advanced and complete photography cart solution on the market. It allows the photographer to control their entire brand, and collect their own money with no holding by us. It allows the photographer to use/create their own products or sell from our vendors. This system allows for email hosting, domain name hosting, and almost all of your digital marketing needs, all in one place. If you are an event photographer looking to sell your work online. This is the site for you.

LabImages is our solution for Photography Print Labs.

This system allows any print lab to resell their products to our photographers, or white label the entire morephotos system, branded as their own, and sell it directly to their photographers.

The 2 combined, give both the ultimate ability to service the photography needs of any photographer.

This division includes the usage of the following domain names*






*These domains may or may not be in use at this time. Some are system domains, some are no longer used, and some were purchased to protect our trademarks.

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WD Websites

MorePhotos Code version


Our solution for Non-Photography websites that need a quick and easy solution and a simple sales cart. This system incorporates the website building technologies and other digital marketing features such as email and domain hosting from the MorePhotos system and replaces the photography cart with a simple to use non-photography cart. If you are already familiar with our photography system, this is definitely the system for you. It is fully documented and the help files are easy to follow.

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SiteDitto Code Version


Our solution for those that still want a templated site that they can easily manage, but need more customizable features on the site layout itself. This system is designed to be used more as a vanity website system. It does not include a cart, but you can hook up to an external cart if you wish. It gives you more control of the overall look and feel of the site but may have a higher learning curve than the system due to the extra abilities to change the overall sight appearance and the lack of "theme specific" documentation that results from this extra capability.

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Staff - - is used by some of our legacy clients to keep a cart that is SSL protected without them having to have their own SSL.

Multi Website System

If you are an organization looking to be able to set up local sites for your branches etc. we have the system for you. Simply choose the one that is the best for you or your organization.

This is the original concept launch for the others

Websites for Organizations

Websites for Organizations

Raise Awareness for your Organization ~ Share Your Group's Mission ~ Touch Lives

With Websites for Organizations you will have a partner for success.

A website that is easy to build and update.

Live US based customer support.

Our websites have the ability to accept donations, add photo galleries, add PDF’s, and have unlimited pages, just to name a few of our exciting features!

This is the system for large organizations to get a handle on all of their online presence and marketing.

NOTE: the Fellowship of Eagles (FOE) is using this system. You can check out our system and see how they are using it by visiting:



Manage your own multi website hosting business – this service was built for anyone to start or control their Organization/Franchise websites with ease and it's all backed by live US tech support.

Tired of websites being a sore spot in the company? Tired of trying to do updates, having all your members using different web companies and paying way too much? And the biggest problem is the communication between each of them...

SiteDitto is the solution to these issues and more. And you can also have a login for members only – to pick up fliers, bulletins, new company rules, you name it.

WDWeb Reseller

Want to start your own website hosting Business or Company?

Need to manage many websites for your Franchise or Organization?

With WD Web Reseller it just became very easy, very inexpensive and very efficient!

CMS - Content Management System For Website Services

Everything you will need to start your website business!

Comes with our template system ( can add more or your own) Hosting and basic shopping cart - all in responsive design.

Franchise Websites

The concept here is to allow you to create specific websites for each location, but still maintain a distinct brand with the same information shared at each branch while allowing customization that would be specific to that branch.

LOGOs Here

Simple Website System

Own a Website Business

White Label Website Business

The idea here is to allow others to create their own website business by using our system and reselling sites to their own customers.

The "Details" Series of Sites

If you are planning a party, a wedding, or your honeymoon, be sure to check out these sites. They have information on how best to handle all of your special event needs.

The resources found on Wedding Details will inspire you to create a wedding with cultural flare. Whether you travel or want to bring to your wedding day something new and different, we are here to open up the beautiful possibilities.

Properties associated with wedding details:

Every aspect of getting married is something that you should be able to enjoy. For many couples, planning their honeymoon is just as exciting as the rest of the process, if not more so in some ways. Be sure to check out this site before going too far.

Logos Here

Planning a golf outing .....

Logo Here

If you need catering ....


PhotoScramble enables businesses, organizations, associations, non-profits and individuals to create exciting photo contests to promote themselves, fund-raise or just have fun! Hosting, entering and voting in contests is easy.

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World In Art

Our website solution for artists. This system is intended to give you more control over your brand than a place like Etsy. It is based on our technology with future intentions of having one site be able to link to all of the others based on art offered. is where the system resides and all of the customer sites are built.

Professional Photography Supply

The photographers' market place. This site is used to help photographers and potential photographers buy and sell photography equipment.

Drone Website Hosting

Drone Website Hosting specializes in easy to set up, affordable Websites and shopping carts for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) operators. Making selling and displaying photos videos easy! And best of all, you will be able to update your site as needed.


This site is used to share knowledge. It is comprised of people sharing what they have learned about the art of digital sales via a “sitdown” conversational method.


A service that is expiring soon. This was an older version of the MorePhotos system. It is no longer updated or maintained.